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Wheatgerm Oil

Natural Wheatgerm Oil 35cc

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Irakoi Wheatgerm Oil in 35 cc.

Wheatgerm Oil is an excellent anti aging oil that soaks right into your skin and makes you noticeably glowing.

Wheatgerm has the highest Vitamin E content, (255mg/100gm) and is reported to have the best anti aging properties. It helps to increase the blood flow and in better circulation.

Use Wheatgerm oil to promote healthy and a glowing skin. You can use this as a night oil and mix it with your moisturizer and use it liberally for a very beautiful, healthy skin.

Overnight soak your face and skin with this oil and wake up to a softer, smoother, glowing skin. Wheatgerm also helps to cover blemishes and make your skin fresh and young.

Regular use of Wheatgerm Oil makes your skin blemish, acne, scar free and helps to reduce any unwanted marks or inflammation on your skin.

Fully organic and chemical free, Irakoi brings to you a very natural product and a friend for your skin.

by Irakoi
Shiuli Roy
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