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Sandalwood Essential Oil

Authentic and Original Sandalwood Essential Oil 15 cc

USD$81.43 / Piece
Min Order: 10

Indian Original Sandalwood Essential Oil in 15 cc.

Indian Sandalwood is known for its unique properties for healing and therapeutic properties as well as for its aroma.  

Distilled in the original process, the Irakoi Sandalwood Essential Oil is guaranteed to last long and give you much better results than any other Sandalwood counterpart.  

Sandalwood has been used in India in all Hindu religious ceremonies since time immemorial.  

Known for its properties to elevate mood, and reduce stress, as well as antibiotic properties, Sandalwood is used in all spas, to provide immediate relief.   

Helps reduce anxiety and blood pressure through regular use.

Indian Sandalwood aroma is one of the main ingredients of Perfume Industry.

Wonderful replacement for all chemical and artificial fragrances.  

Irakoi Sandalwood Essence is 100% Pure and Original.

Chemical Free.  

Beautifully Aromatic, and will last a very long time due to purity and high concentration.

To learn more on the properties of Sandalwood, please email at shiuli@umbrioconsulting.com

Please try our Sandalwood Essential Oil to know the difference between quality that has been coming to us since centuries ago. 

by Irakoi
Shiuli Roy
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