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Kashima, Saga, Japan

Kurokoji imo shochu 720ml

Category : Imo Shochu Ingredients : Sweet potato (Domestic ), Rice malt (Domestic ) Alcohol Percentage : 25 %

USD$0.01 ~ $10.22 / Case
Min Order: 10

We already have distributors for the following countries:

China (Dalian, Hong Kong), Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia, Australia, Slovakia, Germany, France, Switzerland

We are happy to get inquiries from liquor stores, restaurants or other businesses in these countries. Will introduce you to the distributor.

Kurokoji imo shochu “ Makai eno sasoi “ 720ml

Category: Imo Shochu

Ingredients: Sweet potato (Domestic ), Rice malt (Domestic )

Alcohol Percentage: 25 %


by Mitsutake
Kunihiro Mitsutake
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